Hello and welcome to Home Fashion with EVA!

My name is EVA.   I am a design lover, art admirer, and decorator who loves to mix vintage with modern, and mother to three, living in Arlington, Virginia. For many years designing for home has been my hobby .   One day I decided to turn it into a bigger adventure.

It all started with window treatments I did for my house. I knew all along what I wanted but kept waiting to find somebody to do it for me. Eventually I stopped waiting and did it myself. And I haven't stopped since,  making them for friends who wanted a practical yet elegant solution for their windows.  This first project turned out to be the perfect solution for many Arlington homes, so  I started doing other projects including  designing headboards for beds, refurbishing old furniture  or flea market finds in order to create the right look for the design project I was working on. My latest projects are the  upholstery  to create new out of old furniture. I very much enjoyed designing a room for a 5 year old girl . The look on her face was priceless and made me realize I made a little girl's dream come true.

Friends asked, where did you learn that? I don't know if I have a good answer for this question, but maybe I could find it in my history. I grew up in Czechoslovakia, today's Slovakia, and during those challenging times in my native country, skills ruled over material things. Everybody was even, nobody was allowed to stand out of the crowd and that was fine with many people in the society. Those who did try to stand out ended in prison. That kind of oppression eventually led to one thing: work. Work for the society or for personal hobbies. My dad started building a house when I was born, so I grew up around the tools and machines used to build the house. It wasn't strange for me to work on the projects that needed to be done around the house.

Today  I am a strong believer that good design doesn't have to cost a furtune. Everybody should have a right to live in beautiful surroundings and pass it on to their children. If I can help you succeed to make your house beautiful, either one project at the time, or creating the whole room, I will be more than happy with my mission.

Some say that a picture is worth a thousand words, so that's why I created this blog, to help me document for you my projects with photos.

Enjoy the tour and let me know if you stumble upon my photos! I will be tickled.