Girl's bedroom gets a makeover.

Giving a makeover to a young girl's bedroom is always exciting. We started with bare walls that were 9Ft tall. The bed and the rest of the furniture were white. The room needed color, a lot of happy colors. The only color we had in the room were two jade colored nightstands. Following the lead of the young girl's idea, we wanted to emphasize the jade color but add pink, purple, orange colors to make the bedroom a happy place. So I went on to search for the right fabrics. We wanted a great pattern that would show nicely on the draperies hanging from the canopy and matching roman shade. The design of the canopy was cut out of wood and was installed right to the ceiling. This way the height of the draperies would show nicely in full lenght. The bench cushion and the pillow were a match and the little orange pillow was a great accent to all of the colors. The bedding is from Pottery barn.  This turned out to be a great project and the result was a one happy girl.