Spring will be here soon.

Being snowed in during the biggest snowstorm of the last few years has me looking at the calendar and realizing that we are closer to spring than we think. It doesn't look so outside, with 2 feet of snow piled up everywhere, but it is true. Spring will be here soon. Snow will melt in a week and expose our sad-looking outdoor space. This is the space that will be our relaxing oasis for  most  months of this year. It is natural that the outdoor furniture and cushions get beaten during the winter months, especially if you have not covered them or brought them indoors. But don't worry, everything can be fixed. And the sooner we start, the better. Start now, so you can be enjoying yourself with the first sunny days. How can we help you? We are already replacing outdoor foams, or the whole cushions, outdoor pillows, sewing outdoor curtains for your porch, providing the best outdoor fabrics available out there. Yes, we work with your design, and we will help you choose the right patterned fabric. Our foams are made with cell drainage, so the rain water goes through them like through a sponge. The result is astonishing. You won't recognize your new outdoor space. But hey, making the living area bigger out of outdoor space is a very smart way to add to your house square footage. So go on, have fun, enjoy yourself and put your mark on the outside design. Custom design.