Washable Fabrics for Slipcovers

Our workroom at Home By Eva gets lots of requests for slipcovers. The practical side of slipcovers is undeniable, they allow you to transform the look of your furniture. With kids, pets and your busy life, we know your furniture takes a heavy beating. Home by Eva is proud to introduce a brand new line of Performance Fabrics for slipcovers, that are stain resistant, durable and are made 100% chemical free in the USA. Also, most importantly, they are machine washable, allowing you to clean up the biggest messes.


Performance Fabrics have improved so much since they were introduced to the industry back in the 1960s. You may have heard of the original Sunbrella fabrics: they were firm, durable and usually very brightly colored. Performance Fabrics have now evolved to include a wide array of softer textures and so many new colors and patterns, and best of all they are machine washable.

This mess can be cleaned up with a single washing machine cycle

This mess can be cleaned up with a single washing machine cycle

If you would like Home by Eva to make you a slipcover we can guide you through the process. If you have an existing slipcover template that fits, it is easy to replicate it with the new choice of fabric. If you do not have a slipcover template we will pick up your furniture

for a perfect pin-fit. In most instances, the entire process can be completed within a ten day timeframe. And you’re not limited to sofas and armchairs, we can cover your dinning chairs, ottomans, benches.. Just send us your photo for a quote.