The Art of an Easter Egg

While visiting Vienna, Austria during the pre-Easter holidays I visited Freyung Easter Market. The centre of this small market is traditionally dominated by the “Ostereistand”, with box after box of painted eggshells and egg-shaped decorations. You can even buy ostrich eggshells to decorate at home.

When I say eggs, I mean there are lots of them. More eggs than at an omelette factory. Eggs in a myriad of colours and designs, ready to hang on your Easter tree.

It’s worth taking a few moments to browse the displays, as some of the egg designs are quite beautiful: painted scenes; Easter, imperial, floral, and animal motifs; lacework decor; eggs as globes etc. etc.

Each egg was a piece of art, one more unique and beautiful than other. I loved it so much, than I visited it twice. And now you can too. Enjoy!